Admission FAQs


What steps do I take to enroll my child at Immaculata?


Before completing an admission form, we require all families to visit the school. We’d like to meet you and show you our school and introduce our excellent teachers. No amount of reading of our philosophy and mission can substitute for person to person contact and interaction.


After your visit, please fill out the Student Admission Application, found in the "Overview" link in the Admissions page. There are some required documents that are outlined in the Questionnaire, such as a copy of a birth certificate, Immunization Records, etc. Please fill out a separate form for each child.


You may drop by the school or mail us the paperwork, along with a $50 application fee per family. After reviewing the paperwork, we will contact you to set up an interview to meet your child(ren) and administer a math assessment. This is only used to determine at what level of math your child will best fit in, and will have no effect on whether we accept your child or not. We have no admissions testing- we take in a wide range of students and simply want families who believe in our mission and desire to be here.


Lastly, we will notify you within one (1) week of your interview to let you know if your child was accepted. Once accepted, we will provide you with all the paperwork you need for the school year (Uniform information, parent handbook, supply lists, etc.) and also you will receive your acceptance form.


What about my child with special needs?


The admission process is nearly the same as described above; however, the interview process is more intense and may require additional testing to determine the child’s grade level in core subjects. Remember, at Immaculata, a child has to be able to spend most of the day in the regular classroom. We are flexible and are able to move children to where they will learn, but only use one-on-one tutoring when a child needs supplemental help. Accommodations and differentiated instruction are the key tools we use with our children with special needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need clarification or have any questions.


Do you have a limit to the number of children with special needs you can accept?

Yes, while Immaculata is very committed to integrating and joyfully welcoming all children, we are nevertheless limited to the number of children with special needs we are able to serve. What this limit is depends primarily on the individual classroom, its makeup and number of children. We desire student ratios to somewhat reflect natural proportion guidelines, with about 15-20% of the student body in each classroom being children with special needs. We will look at the makeup of each classroom before determining if we can accept your child at this time, or if your family will be placed on a waiting list.


When should I apply?


December - February is the ideal time for families to apply for the upcoming academic year. (Tuition assistance applications are do in March.) We encourage families with children who have special needs to apply as early as possible, as some grade levels fill up more quickly. We do, however, accept applications at any time and welcome families who are looking ahead early. If your child is still too young to attend Immaculata at this time, please visit us, sign up for emails and get to know us! We look forward to meeting our future Immaculata Knights!


Do you offer Financial Aid?


We work with the Catholic Education Foundation in conjunction with School Choice and the Archdiocese of Louisville to provide a portion of tuition coverage for families who qualify. This, however, requires families to apply early, as the deadline is usually near mid-March. After this time, we will meet individually with families to see what can be done. No family should not apply because of financial concerns; we will work with you as much as possible.


What does the book fee cover?


We are very proud of our excellent curriculum here at Immaculata. We cover a portion of the book expenses each year, but cannot cover them all. The book fee therefore is used to order the books necessary for the entire school year. It is a once per year fee and is applicable to each child.