Our Vision


Immaculata Classical Academy

3 year old Pre-School


Kindergarten through 12th Grade



Rebuilding and rethinking Catholic education for our children and for the future.



Come and see! We invite your family to come and visit Immaculata Classical Academy, a school dedicated to and named after our Blessed Mother.


Immaculata was established to share and impart the wisdom of our rich Catholic tradition. Our ultimate goal is to lead students to a deeper knowledge, love and service of God. We invite our students to become saints! Education is not just intellectual formation; it is the formation of the whole person. A quote from the historic Ratio Studiorum of the 16th century summarizes our philosophy: “The development of the student’s intellectual capacity is the school’s most characteristic part. However, this development will be defective and even dangerous unless it is strengthened and completed by the training of the will, and the formation of the character.”


Man is not merely a citizen of a country, he is born to be a citizen of heaven. We have the opportunity to form young souls. At Immaculata, we challenge our faculty to be intimately involved in the formation of citizens for heaven, to be with God for all eternity. It is true that the heart of any school is its teachers. As the famous saying goes, “Many teach but few inspire.” With this in mind we assure you that we have, and will continue to staff our faculty with the right kind of teacher: the most qualified person, who knows their subject intimately, but more importantly is striving for holiness. Our philosophy is that religion is not just a subject to be taught at a certain time; religion needs to permeate everything!


We are very aware of the mediocrity and relativism in modern education. Therefore, we are embracing the rich classical education of our Catholic Tradition. We place a strong emphasis to help each student reach their full potential, regardless of their intellectual capacity. We are part of the “New Evangelization”. We all know the sacrifice, effort and time it takes to do what we do here at Immaculata, but it is worth every minute. We invite you to become part of our school family. Come and see!


We invite you to explore our website for more information and to please contact us with any questions.